What is eatsapp...

eatsapp ~ On-the-Go Food Ordering App

eatsapp is an App-based Aggregator Platform for the DriveThru and the Curbside Food Delivery for Customers On the Go.

eatsapp helps commuters find and order food from any Restaurant or any DriveThru along their route. Order and pre-pay or choose to pay by COD. The food will be delivered by our restaurant partners by the time, the customers reach the Collection Point (Curbside / DriveThru Lane).

How it works:
1. You type in an address where you need to go OR Select from the Saved Addresses
2. We show you the Collection Points along your route where multiple restaurants deliver at Curbside or at their Drive Thru.
3. Select any one and place the Order.
4. By the time you reach there using our Voice Guided Navigation, the order will be ready to be delivered to you.
5. For the Curbside delivery, Delivery Boy of the restaurant will be waiting at the spot with the food.
6. For the DriveThru, use their dedicated lanes.
7. Verify the Passcode and collect your food.

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